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How do I pay? What are the payment methods?

All billing is processed at the end of the semester. Learn more here.

How do I get an account?

You must have an active Maker Pass to use the Jacobs Hall Material Store.

New account invitations will be sent to verified and active Maker Pass users each Monday.

If you have an account from a previous semester, you may continue using it.

For manual account activation requests or questions about the store, please email from your address with the following information:

  • Full name
  • The digits on the front of your Cal 1 Card
  • The first 6 digits on the back of your Cal 1 Card

I had a store account last semester, may I continue using it?

Yes, if you have an active Jacobs Hall Maker Pass you can continue using your store account login from a previous semester or summer period. If you have forgotten your store account password, please click the "Forgot password" link on the login page

I do not have a Maker Pass, can I still purchase materials from the Jacobs Hall Material store?

An active semesterly Maker Pass is required to place and pick up orders from the Jacobs Hall Material Store.
If you do not have an active Maker Pass, we suggest checking the CED Materials Store and the Berkeley Institute of Design's list of Bay Area stores that sell prototyping supplies

When and where do I pick up my orders?

Material orders can be picked up from the makerspace doors on the south side of Jacobs Hall Monday through Friday, 11 am to 12 pm, and 5 pm to 6 pm.


I am an instructor or teaching staff, how do I request a group store account?

Email with:

  • The name and purpose of your group (e.g., DES INV 22, purchase project materials)
  • Payment method (e.g., chartstring)

This option is commonly used by course instructors and by research labs to pay for class and research materials, respectively.



Consumable items (laser cutter materials, batteries, etc) are not refundable.

For electronics and other items, please notify a Design Specialist within 14 days if you notice any defects or problems. A replacement will be exchanged at no additional cost.


For billing questions and payment methods, please click here.