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End of semester billing

Summer 2019

The store will close at 7:00 pm on Friday August 16th.

Please review your balance at


Billing information for students

  • By default, store balances will be automatically transferred to “CalCentral - My Finances” at 7:00pm on Friday August 16th. Once the charge appears on your CalCentral bill, you can pay it inside CalCentral.
  • To opt-out of CalCentral billing and pay using an alternative payment method, please complete the following form before 7:00pm on August 16th:


Billing information for staff, group accounts and other non-students:

  • Schedule a payment time by emailing; general office hours are 9:00 am-11:30 am and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The following payment methods are available:
    • Credit card (in-person only at the 2nd floor Jacobs lobby)
    • Check (instructions)
    • Departmental chartstring (see next section below)



    Chartstring payment instructions 

    1. Download the chartstring form and complete all fields in yellow.
    2. Ask your PI or Research Support Officer (RSO) to email the completed form to with the following statement in the email body:
    3. “I approve the $XX.XX charge for Jacobs Hall (Semester Year) Material Store Payment to chartstring XXXXX-XXX”


    Can my payment be split into two transactions/receipts for the purpose of reimbursements?

    Yes, please login to your account to view your order history before visiting the reception desk and calculate the total you would like for each transaction. We cannot create custom invoices. All order history information is viewable on your account for 1 week after the payment deadline.


    Can you generate a document with my order history for the purpose of reimburmsent from my club, department or other?

    Login to your account to view your order history where you can see the date, time, quantity and cost of your orders. We do not provide customized invoices.

    If the person processing your reimbursement requires additional proof, have the reimbursement person contact with the subject "Balance verification for (your name and SID)".

    We will then reply with an email stating our verification if applicable. This is sufficient for the vast majority of clubs, deparments and other units across campus.