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NeoPixel Mini Button PCB

NeoPixel Mini Button PCB

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These are the smallest NeoPixel breakouts around! Tiny, bright RGB pixels to your project. These little PCBs are only 9.1mm x 9.1mm and have two sets of three pads on the back for soldering wires. These ultra-bright LEDs have a constant-current driver cooked right into the LED package! The pixels are chainable - so you only need 1 pin/wire to control as many LEDs as you like.

These pixels have full 24-bit color ability with PWM taken care of by the controller chip. Since the LED is so bright, you need less current/power to get the effects you want. The driver is constant current so it's OK if your battery power changes or fluctuates a little.

Each pixel draws as much as 60mA (all three RGB LEDs on for full brightness white). An Arduino can drive up to 500 pixels at 30 FPS (it will run out of RAM after that). Using ribbon cable you can string these up to 6" apart (after that, you might get power droops and data corruption)

Please note each button has a 75 ohm resistor in series with power, this will limit the current and is designed to help avoid shorting the power supply if the LED gets damaged. At higher current draws, this will drag down the LED voltages, so its best not to use many of these at very high brightnesses and all-white.

Check out the Uberguide to learn how to control neopixels.

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