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Approved users only:  Canon Poster Printer: 36" wide (priced per foot)

Approved users only: Canon Poster Printer: 36" wide (priced per foot)

$ 1.93

Getting access

Instructors and GSIs for Jacobs-affiliated courses and DeCals Request access here
MDes students, student clubs
Submit print requests via JPS.
Maker Pass holders This equipment is not part of the Maker Pass program.


1. Download Jacobs 30x40 poster templates

These are designed to fit 30x40" poster boards at Jacobs Hall. Margins are pre-defined to prevent excess cutting, scaling issues and so that edges can be folded behind the poster board and held with binder clips.

2. Export as PDF and submit to your instructor or GSI. They will print it for you. 

Instructors and GSIs

1. Provide students Jacobs 30x40 poster templates.

2. View GSI and Instructor only reservations at

  • To make reservations, request access from the technical contact below.

3. Follow printing instructions (these are also posted in room 310A).

4. Pay by entering the total length in feet on the material store at the top of this page. 
• DES INV courses are exempt from payment. If you do not have a store account request one from the technical contact below. 

    Technical contact

    Design Specialists do not maintain this equipment. For assistance contact:

    Erik Sandall


    • One Canon iPF785 printer in Jacobs 310A
    • 36 inch maximum print width
    • Plain paper is the only medium available

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