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FORTUS Model Material - Natural (ABS-M30, priced per cubic inch)

FORTUS Model Material - Natural (ABS-M30, priced per cubic inch)

$ 2.11
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Engineered for 3D printing with FDM Technology, ABS-M30 is ideal for concept models and moderate-requirement parts including functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures, manufacturing tooling and production parts. Parts 3D printed in this material are mechanically strong and stable over time. Because ABS-M30 works with soluble support materials, support removal is hands-free, and complex shapes and deep cavities require no extra effort. - See more at Stratasys site

Important Note about Quantities

Shopify's quantity field does not allow decimal quantities. Round the amount of material down (5.7 becomes 5) and enter it in the quantity field. If the volume is less than 1 then round to 1.

Model and Support

Your order must include both model and support materials. Refer to the printer's software for total volume of material in a print job.

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